Digital Marketing Services

Is it hard to viral your products, articles, services?

The Answer of the above question is “YES”, It is very hard to make the thing viral until or unless proper marketing strategies are not applied for same.

Everyone (Whether Individual, Company or Start-ups) wants to promote their products/ articles/ blogs/Services or any other stuff on digital media platform & the Question is how much they succeed?

Let’s Take an Example, if you are promoting a Digital Product say Hard Drive and you are promoting the same over to Fashion & retail Category at Social Media, how much Influence you get?

Digital Marketing or Viral Marketing Depends on the given below criteria’s & which are totally correlated with Business Fundamental and ethics.

  • Content of the Article/Product/Services you are Publishing?
  • Your Targeted Audience
  • Demographics
  • Interest of Targeted Audience
  • If you are selling a product than it is related to Women/Men or Children’s
  • Your Product/Services/articles belong to which category:
    1. Business to Business Category (B2B)
    2. Business to Consumer Category (B2C)
  • Potential in Your Product
  • USP of Articles or Product
  • How much you are worried about retention of your customers
  • After Sale and Service Support
  • Warranties & Policies

Success means to retain a customer for a very long time or the customer is interested to buy your stuff again & again.

Failure means you lose a customer by selling your products/services only for one time & he will never turn up again for your product and services.

Repetition of customers make your services/products a Brand in a long run.

Conclusion: If you do have a single customer and if you are providing the stuff which is outstanding and does not fall in any sort of competition than only that single customer makes your services or product viral. You do not need a lot of products (A Single product might have a lot of Variants) to make it a Brand.

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