It’s not very much difficult & everyone has that much kind of potential to make a post grow well and make a video that can be contributed to the topic of

Viral Videos in India.

Please read carefully and try to implement the following guidelines while writing or creating a blog post or video and I am sure you will get success. Be Positive all the time.

Script: Why it is important


This is somehow a verviral videos in india y crucial part of a blog post or video. Actually, you need to write down the complete message in the form of a script (Message you want to convey to the people.) so that you can create a bond with your readers.

How does it work?

Every reader gives you 5- 10 seconds. This is the time that makes you either lose your reader or connect with your reader. Your First few lines and words create a mindset of your reader whether he/she is going to read your complete article or not. So, make sure your starting lines make an impact on the reader so that he can read the full article.




If you are reading this post here then somehow you are showing your interest to learn the topic “How to make a post or video viral?” this is known as connect. You need to be connected to your reader all the way by providing useful information all the time.

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Focus It’s all about the content you are sharing with your reader. It needs to be knowledgeable so that he/she can use the same in his/her life and also pass on that content to his relative and friends


viral Videos in india

Your Dedication & Hard work: No matter what subject or topic you are choosing but it needs to informative and useful so that after reading the topic, end-user find it justified and considered it valuable for time.


Hope you will get the best of your post by using the above techniques. Happy Posting & Thanks for Reading.


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